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UUC Stewardship Campaign: 2020–2021

On March 1, our pledge drive started off with a bang—with 46 pledges for a total of $136,957 (nearly 40% of the way toward our goal!)—thanks to all those who participated in the early bird effort!

And despite our world being turned upside-down, we find ourselves at the “end” of our annual stewardship campaign but only 76% of the way toward our goal of $357,000, with 126 out of an expected 165 pledge units having made their commitment for 2020-21.

Given the events of the past month in our own lives and the life of our nation and world, we find ourselves in a glass half-full/half-empty situation. Look at how much has been pledged ($271,800) despite the economic turmoil and financial uncertainty we’ve experienced! And look at how much farther we want to go.

This is indeed an unprecedented and scary time in our lives. And it’s perhaps the most difficult time to hold a stewardship campaign and plan for our congregation’s future. In the next month, the Finance Committee and the Board will have to make some hard decisions about where and how we can trim our budget. Most of us will be facing a similar situation at some point in our own lives, and UUC is no different. We urge you to think of the value of this congregation, particularly in these difficult times — for yourself and for others.

To those of you who have pledged: Thank you! For those who haven't, we understand your reluctance. And we invite you to go ahead and make a pledge, even if it is a smaller commitment than you’ve made in years past. No amount is too small. (See below for ways to pledge.) If the economy and your personal financial situation improves in the year ahead, you can always increase your giving. And if things turn out even worse than you expect, you can let us know that, too.

All of our pledges, no matter their size, are a sign of our commitment and faith in this spiritual community and its ability to thrive, even in these most difficult times.

We are grateful for them all.

In faith,

Rev. Pam
Andy Roberts, Stewardship Committee Chair

March 31, 2020

Important Dates

How Do I Pledge?

At any time during the year, one can make a pledge online:

Online Pledge

Alternatively, one can download a pledge card, fill it out, and mail it to UUC, PO Box 10116, Blacksburg, VA 24062-0116. Please make out checks to “UUC”. Finally, one can send an e-mail to

Many congregants pay their pledges by putting checks in the offering basket on Sundays during the service. An alternative is to Make pledge payments online.

2020–2021 Stewardship Brochure

Additional Information

Anticipating possible questions and concerns members and friends might have about making a pledge to the UUC, the Stewardship Committee has put together the following information sheets:

For information about the UUC budget, go to the UUC Finances Web page.

From the Pulpit (sometimes Virtual) — plus a Thank You Video

Pledge-Drive Progression

     Shown on the left is our pledges-to-date on the Pledge Campaign Kickouff Day: March 1. There were 46 “Early-Bird” pledges for a total of $136,957.

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