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UUC Stewardship Campaign: 2022–2023

February 2022 UUC Newsletter, Page 3

Growing up, I used to dread Sundays since we spent the day doing homework or chores. I always felt like something was missing, but I didn’t know what. Fast-forward to today when I spend Sunday mornings joining with our UUC community listening to inspiring words, beautiful music, and heartfelt joys and concerns. I still spend the rest of the day preparing for the week ahead, but I am filled with a sense of peace and gratitude that we have found our spiritual home at UUC.

The theme for our Stewardship Drive this year is Cultivating Community. Here at UUC, we are all so fortunate to have wonderful worship services that are available both in person and via Zoom for our virtual community. We are reaching many more people all over the country and the world due to our technological capabilities. We love our UUC community and want to support it so it can flourish and grow.

In preparing their proposed budget for next year, UUC's Board has prioritized two new areas: (1) Hiring a ministerial intern and (2) Hiring a full-time Director of Lifespan Faith Development. Imagine the possibilities of additional classes for all ages, workshops, and inspirational programming these two people would bring to our community!

As the Stewardship Campaign gets underway, we will again offer Early Bird Pledging starting February 13. Our regular campaign starts March 6 and will wrap up at the end of April. Our Celebration Sunday will be May 1. We hope to have all pledges in by then so that our Board will have time to prepare the budget for the next fiscal year which begins July 1.

Our campaign will look somewhat different this year as we are planning for many fun, multigenerational events that we hope you will sign up for. This is a way for us to be social, have fun, and reflect on what UUC means to each of us. Some examples are: a campfire, Zoom games, crafts, cookie exchange, and hikes, among others. Look out for a link in our weekly announcements to sign up. [February 16: Here is the ink.]

We will still hold one-on-one Stewardship meetings for anyone that prefers this way of meeting. Please let us know if this is your preference by emailing me.

Thanks in advance for your generosity! I am so grateful that my family found this congregation so that we can experience the spirituality and community that is so important and meaningful to our lives. We hope you are finding it here as well, and we look forward to cultivating a community with you!

Carol Kern, Stewardship Chair

Important Dates

  • February 13, 2022: Early-Bird Pledging Begins
  • March 6: Pledge Campaign Kickoff
  • May 1 starting at 11:30 a.m.: Cultivating, Nourishing and Celebrating Community!
  • May 5: Joint meeting of Board and Finance Committee: Finalizing The Budget
  • May 22: Informational Meeting
  • June 5: Congregational Meeting

Additional Information

Pledge-Drive Progression

Our goal for this year's Pledge Drive is $357,800. At the time of the Annual Congregational Meeting, UUC had 220 members, and on March 27 we have 221. In 2021, the Pledge Drive raised a total of $347,800 from 176 pledge units. For this year:

  • March 5: 47 Early Bird pledges for a total of $161,395;
  • March 20: a total of 77 pledges for $219,415;
  • April 3: 97 pledges for a total of $243,369.
  • April 10: 103 pledges for a total of $253,882.
  • April 17: 124 pledges for a total of $295,102.
  • April 24: 142 pledges for a total of $309,352.
  • May 1: 157 pledges for $323,422
  • May 8: 159 pledges for $326,162
  • May 15: 160 pledges for $331,162

How Do I Pledge?

The easiest way is to click on the MAKE A PLEDGE link below, which takes you to an online form that you just fill out and submit. Be sure to pledge each year even if your pledge amount stays the same.

Online Pledge

Alternatively, one can send an e-mail to

At any time during the year, one can make pledge payments online.

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