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 Honoring & Creating Legacy

UUC Stewardship Campaign: for 2023–2024

Our theme this year is, Legacy. All of us at UUC, whether you are brand new or one of us “old timers,” have benefited from those of our congregation that have come before us and worked hard with their time, talent, and treasure to build up our building, programs, and the very heart of UUC. We want to honor all those folks and celebrate everyone who is a part of our community today. We want to make sure that the young people we so enjoy during “Time for All Ages,” Buddy Project, YRUU coffee house, and the UUYA inspired holiday float get to enjoy UUC for many years to come. We also want to make sure to have a thriving and vibrant community that welcomes future members who are looking for a loving and open-minded religious community.

Our campaign this year will be a combination of fun community events and cozy one-on-one coffee conversations. Please let me know if you want to help lead a fun hiking trip, knitting circle, or visit to a nearby brewery or park as a stewardship community event. We're looking for stewards who want to make a difference by connecting with others in a one-on-one conversation, as well as creative types to help us with videos or to help plan a fun “end of event” celebration.

Carol Kern, Stewardship Chair

Letter from the UUC President on the Budget

Proposed Budget

The Board has approved and endorsed the stewardship goal of $376,000. The proposed budget is posted on the UUC Finances Web page.

Meeting this goal would allow us to meet the wishes submitted by all of the committees, including some technology upgrades, building maintenance including some energy-saving developments, maintenance and upgrades to our beautiful grounds, a playground upgrade to include a wider variety of age-appropriate materials, an RE assistant, raises for our UUC staff that align with UUA suggested salaries and benefits, and supporting the UUYA and social justice groups.

President Nancy Bodenhorn (February 28, 2023)

The Board is asking for a 13% increase in pledge donations over last year. This money would be used to fairly and justly compensate our staff. If we don't give them a raise this year it is like taking a pay cut due to cost-of living-increases. Also, we need to follow UUA retirement guidelines by putting 10% of salary for our administrator and Director of Lifespan Faith Development in retirement plans. The Board has voted to continue working on insulating our building to save on future energy and environmental costs, maintain our green space (grounds), update our elderly playground, fund new efforts in communication and social justice and invest in our young adults and children (including a LFD assistant).

Carol Kern (April 23, 2023)

Important Dates

  • February 13, 2022: Early-Bird Pledging Begins
  • March 5: Official Pledge Campaign Kickoff
  • April 30: Stewardship Celebration
  • May 21: Informational Meeting
  • June 4: Congregational Meeting

Additional Information

  • Budget-Related Frequently-Asked Questions

  • From the Pulpit

    • March 5



      Denise Martin shares her reflection on stewardship.
    • March 12


      Stewardship update and a testimonial by UUC member Laura Robinson, who shares her thoughts on why she supports UUC


    • March 19



      Testimonial by long-time member Molly Lazar
    • March 26


      Stewardship update plus a testimonial by UUC member Ashley Spinks Dugan, who shares her thoughts on Stewardship


    • April 2



      YRUU member Alice Quigley shares her thoughts on UUC Community
    • April 9


      Stewardship update by Rev. Pam


    • April 16



      Stewardship update by Rev. Pam and a testimonial by member Joe Cooley
    • April 23


      Stewardship update and a personal reflection by Carol Kern, chair of the Stewardship Committee


    • April 30



      Stewardship update by Rev. Pam and a number of short written testimonials by many members of the congregation

  • How Do I Pledge?

    The easiest way is to click on the MAKE A PLEDGE link below, which takes you to an online form that you just fill out and submit. Be sure to pledge each year even if your pledge amount stays the same.

    Online Pledge

    Alternatively, one can send an e-mail to administrator@uucnrv.org.

    At any time during the year, one can make pledge payments online.

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