Love at the Center

This year's Stewardship theme is Love at the Center, celebrating the heart of this compassionate community.

Proposed Budget

Our goal with the 2024 pledge drive is to provide ongoing support of our Mission Statement: To Inspire, Create, and Transform by fairly compensating our staff and maintaining our buildings and grounds. Fair compensation was an issue that was raised at the end of last year’s pledge drive. In addition to supporting our current staff and programs, our building mortgage, and building and grounds maintenance, in 2024 we hope to:

  • support increasing the administrator's position from 25 to 30 hours to be more in sync with the duties expected of that position and additional responsibilities supporting IT and the LFD program.

  • support all staff salaries to meet the fair wage recommendations of the UUA.

The Board has recommended a total budget of $422,000, which will require a pledge total of $379,000 to meet these goals. This pledge total is a 10% increase over the total of pledges we received last year. While this is a rather large increase, we are more than capable of meeting this goal and showing our staff that we value them enough to pay them at the UUA’s fair wage recommendations.

The proposed budget is posted on the UUC Finances Web page.

Treasurer Wayne Neu

Budget-Related Frequently-Asked Questions

Pledging Progression

On Sunday, March 17, the title of the service was We're Had a Pledging Party! Attendance was 133! We had 26 online/63 in-person pledges by the 17th At 4:23 p.m. that day, the current pledging total was $214,218 — 57% of the proposed pledge total.

The pledge total in the April 14 service Stewardship video is $333,608 for 154 Pledge Units.

The pledge total on June 4 is $376,072 from 181 pledge units toward our goal of $379,000 — Less than $3,000 to go!

Important Dates

  • March 3, 2024: Pledge Campaign Kickoff
  • March 17: Pledging Party Brunch
  • April 11: UUC Board Meeting
  • April 14: Planned Last Day of Pledge Drive
  • May 12: Informational Meeting
  • June 2: Congregational Meeting

Additional Information

Making a Pledge

The Annual Pledge Drive is generally between February/March and May, but one can make a pledge at any time during the year. To make a pledge, just click on the MAKE A PLEDGE link below. That takes you to an online form that you fill out and submit. Be sure to pledge each year even if your pledge amount stays the same.

Online Pledge

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