Annual Congregational Meeting: 2021

Our 2020 Annual Congregational Meeting was held via Zoom after the service on Sunday, June 6. The meeting was led by Board President Wayne Neu.

At the meeting, the Congregation

  1. Elected new officers of the Board (all for two-year terms);

    • President-elect: Nancy Bodenhorn and her husband, Jeff Legge, have lived in Christiansburg and been members of UUC since 2001. Nancy has been active on the Worship Committee and coffee making, and previously with the Committee on Ministries, religious education, and stewardship. Most recently, she has served two years on the Executive Board as Secretary. Nancy was a school counselor for 20 years, in North Carolina, Bangkok, Thailand, Brussels, Belgium, California, Illinois and Michigan. After earning her doctorate, she came to Virginia Tech and is an Associate Professor in Counselor Education. Since 2012, Nancy has served as the Associate Director for Academic Programs in the School of Education at VT. Nancy enjoys playing tennis and bridge, swimming, and visiting grandchildren in MI and IL.

      Nancy will seve as President Elect for 2021–2022, and than as President for 2022–2023.

    • Secretary: Stephen Henninger has attended UUC since January 2017. He has served the Congregation in a variety of ways, including YRUU Advisor, Worship Team Member and Committee Chair, and the Strategic Planning Committee. Stephen works at Virginia Tech as an Assistant Director in Housing & Residence Life. He enjoys taking in the beauty of the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia, reading copious amounts of books, and enjoying time with friends and family.

    • Member-at-large: Gene Gardner joined UUC in 2001 shortly after he and his wife, Nancy, moved from Christiansburg to Blacksburg. He has been a member and chair of the Connections Committee and coordinator of Outreach and Publicity activities. After establishing a Broadcast Services office at Purdue University, Gene came to Virginia Tech in 1979 to head the Radio/TV/Film Unit. He earned an MBA in 1985 and served as communications director for two companies in the Corporate Research Center. Before retiring in 2011, he was a program manager for Battelle, specializing in information portrayal R&D for government and industry clients. Gene enjoys listening to music, repairing things, and solving escape room adventures.

    Continuing Board members are Bob Stimson (who will transition from President Elect to President), Meredith Hundley (Treasurer), Brandie Lemmon (Member-at-large), Paul & Mindy Quigley (Co-Member-at-Large sharing 1 position), and minister Rev. Pam Philips (ex-officio);

  2. Voted to approve the proposed budget for fiscal year 2021–2022;

  3. In two separate motions, approved changes to the UUC Bylaws:

    1. Added the Director of Lifespan Faith Development to the board as a non-voting member;

    2. Allows people to join the Congregation by sending a letter of intention to do so in lieu of physically signing our book. (This is in recognition of our Zoom presence having attracted prospective members who are at a distance.)

    Note: after the first change was approved, LFD Karen Hager became a non-voting member of the Executive Board. | Amended Bylaws (June 6, 2021)

  4. Authorized the Executive Board to enter into a contract with Baseline Solar (Patrick Feucht’s company) to have them install solar panels on our roof at their expense and sell the power generated to us.

  5. Adopted of the 8th Principle.

Audio recording of the meeting (MP3 98 minutes) | Transcribed Minutes.

UUC Committee Reports 2020–2021

UUC 2020–2021 Committee Highlights.

On May 23 at 11:30 there was a a virtual Informational Meeting, led by Board President Wayne Neu, at which the Annual Meeting agenda proposed by the Executive Board was presented and discussed:

  1. Slate of Board Candidates;
  2. FY 2021–2022 Budget;
  3. Bylaws Change to add DLFD to the Board as Non-Voting Member;
  4. Bylaws Change re Joining from a Distance;
  5. Proposal to Install and Operate Solar Panels on the Roof;
  6. Vote on Support of Proposed UU 8th Principle.

Audio recording of the Informational Meeting (MP3 file, 78 minutes).

Updated June 10, 2021

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