We are an active and involved congregation, with many opportunities throughout the month to meet other congregants who share similar interests, or simply to socialize.

KidSpirit Mexican FiestaSocial activities like Circle Suppers and Women's and Men's weekly coffee/breakfasts are great venues for getting to know the other members of the church. And, for music lovers, our Choir lets you indulge your musical side, whether as a participant or just a listener.

Helping others is an integral part of UUC. We are committed to supporting our shared UU principles through action and service within our congregation through the Caring Network, the local community and the broader world. Joining Social Action efforts are a great way to become part of the UUC community. Learn more about our Social Action program and how you can help us help others.

Joining one of the many committees and task forces is another way to get involved at UUC. Members and friends give their time and energy to help keep UUC running smoothly—participating in everything from building maintenance to worship presentation, from education to long-range planning. Learn more about how you can volunteer.

Our annual Auction is just one of the ways that we raise money for UUC. We also benefit financially from several programs that cost members nothing except a small amount of effort during everyday activities. Kroger donations, Amazon and eBay are just some of the ways that members and friends can make money for UUC without spending their own dollars. Learn more about fundraising and how you can help.

Just as there is no one “right way” to religious truth, in a Unitarian Universalist church, there is no one single path to membership. Each person at UUC is on a unique personal journey. Some newcomers are ready to join the congregation after just a few visits; for others, the path to membership may take a year or more. Still others may choose to become Contributing Friends, and not pursue membership at all. Regardless of your path, you are welcome at UUC. If you’ve decided that you are ready to join our congregation, you can review more detailed information on becoming a member of Unitarian Universalist Congregation in our About Us section.